Kirja:The book of science & antiquities:2019: The book of science & antiquities
Tekijä: Keneally, Thomas, kirjoittaja
Julkaisuvuosi: 2019
Kieli: englanti
Aineistolaji: Kirja
Luokka: 84.5
Kategoria: Kaunokirjallisuus
Kustantaja: London : Sceptre, 2019. : ©2018
ISBN: 978-1-5293-5521-5 sidottu
Lisätietoja: 321 sivua ; 25 cm ; nide
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Shade belongs to a clan living peaceably on the shores of a bountiful lake. When trouble threatens, he knows that the Hero ancestors will ask him to kill, or sacrifice himself, to save his people. Over 40,000 years later, Shade's remains are unearthed near Lake Learned in Western Australia. The sensational discovery of 'Learned Man' sparks the interest of Shelby Apples, a documentary film maker, who tracks the long-running controversy that ensues: if Learned was not of our species, the Aboriginals could not claim to be the continent's first inhabitants; but if he was, his bones should be returned to them. To Shelby, who will follow his own heroes to the battlefields of Eritrea and the Rift Valley where Homo sapiens originated, Learned is a messenger from an ancient culture that lived in harmony with the land - and, when mortality looms, he becomes a symbol of enduring life.


This was a difficult one for me to read. It took me about 120 pages to understand what was going on, and lost track some other times. The changes between chapters is a bit weird, as it not always change between the two storylines? The story itself is good, but I found too long paragraphs and sentences, and even some weirdly placed exclamation marks, that I found annoying and sometimes empty fillers. Just not my thing ??‍♀️

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