Kirja:The vision of the digital society:2019: The vision of the digital society
Tekijä: Mattsson, Crister, kirjoittaja
Julkaisuvuosi: 2019
Kieli: englanti
Aineistolaji: Kirja
Luokka: 61
Kategoria: Tietokirjallisuus
Kustantaja: [Suomi] : [Kustantaja tuntematon] ; Sigtuna : Crister Mattsson, 2019.
ISBN: 978-952-7182-65-9 nidottu
Lisätietoja: 129 sivua : kuvitettu ; 21 cm ; nide
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This was bad. I have to believe that the author is good at what he does as researcher for Sweden and EU, but writing is not his thing. There are also few 2-page long text copy-pasted from the Wikipedia, and under the text it proudly indicates that the Source is Wikipedia. There are also many links added directly to the text (not as footnotes or such), and they may well be 200 characters URLs. Clearly it has not been proofread, neither checked for format. There are a huge ammount of missing dots, random capitalized words, and so many other things and so often, that makes it unreadable. Considering it starts with the repetition of 2 paragraphs after each other, and that the Foreword reads "...This book contains what I remember. Of course I may have forgotten something or I just remember completely wrong.", I shouldn't have continued reading. The topic itself is interesting, but the execution is poor.

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