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Kirja:The ex-husband:2021: Kirja The ex-husband
The ex-husband
Tekijä: Hamilton, Karen, kirjoittaja
Julkaisuvuosi: 2021
Kieli: englanti
Aineistolaji: Kirja
Luokka: 84.5
Kategoria: Kaunokirjallisuus
Kustantaja: London : Wildfire, 2021. : ©2021
ISBN: 978-1-4722-7938-5 sidottu
Kannessa myös: "He's missing, presumed dead. But she still can't escape."
Lisätietoja: 358 sivua ; 25 cm ; nide
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Charlotte and Sam were partners. In life, and in crime. They never stole from anyone who couldn't afford it. Wealthy clients, luxury cruise ships. It was easy money, and harmless. At least, that's what Charlotte told herself, until the world caved in on her. But now, years after she tried to put that past life behind her, it comes rushing back when her estranged ex-husband Sam suddenly goes missing - and someone threatens to expose what they did. Desperate to escape whoever is tormenting her, Charlotte takes a job as events planner for an engagement party onboard a superyacht in the Caribbean. For a while, her plan seems to have worked, nothing but open ocean and clear skies ahead. Until it becomes clear that she's no longer a thousand miles away from harm. Because whoever is behind it all is onboard too. And now there's nowhere left to run.


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