Kirja:Tilly and the map of stories:2020: Kirja Tilly and the map of stories
Tilly and the map of stories
Tekijä: James, Anna, kirjoittaja
Lisätekijä: Escobar, Paola, kuvittaja
Julkaisuvuosi: 2020
Kieli: englanti
Aineistolaji: Kirja
Luokka: 84.5
Kategoria: Kaunokirjallisuus
Kustantaja: London : HarperCollins Children's Books, 2020.
ISBN: 978-0-00-822994-8 sidottu
Sarja: Pages & Co ; 3
Lisätietoja: 447 sivua : kuvitettu ; 20 cm ; nide
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Strange things are happening. A man comes into Pages & Co looking for a book - then suddenly can't remember it. Tilly and her family feel like the world is changing - but can't quite put their finger on why. Meanwhile, the Underwoods are expanding their control over bookwandering - and they still have their sights set on Tilly. Leaving the safety of the bookshop, Tilly heads to America to find the legendary Archivists and save bookwandering - or at least, that's the plan. Wandering in layers of story, Tilly and her friend Oskar come up against dangers they could never have expected, team up with an unexpectedly familiar face, and ultimately find themselves taking on the biggest threat to stories there has ever been - with only their courage and ingenuity to help them. As well as some of their dearest fictional friends.


Arvioinnit Ole ensimmäinen, joka antaa arvioinnin.

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