Kirja:Truly, wildly, deeply:2018: Kirja Truly, wildly, deeply
Truly, wildly, deeply
Tekijä: McLachlan, Jenny, kirjoittaja
Julkaisuvuosi: 2018
Kieli: englanti
Aineistolaji: Kirja
Luokka: 84.5
Kategoria: Kaunokirjallisuus
Kustantaja: [London] : Bloomsbury, [2018] : CPI Group (UK) : Croydon : ©2018
ISBN: 978-1-4088-7974-0 nidottu
Lisätietoja: 297 sivua ; 20 cm ; nide
Anna pisteytys Anna pisteytys Anna pisteytys Anna pisteytys Anna pisteytys Anna pisteytys Anna pisteytys Anna pisteytys Anna pisteytys Anna pisteytys
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Lainattu yhteensä: 23
Lainattu tänä vuonna: 5
Varauksia: 0
Annie is starting college. She can't wait. No more school, no more uniform, and no one telling her what to do. It's the start of a new adventure and Annie's not going to let anyone or anything get in the way of that. Freedom matters to Annie. She has cerebral palsy and she's had to fight hard to get the world to see her for who she truly is. Then she meets Fab. He's six foot two, Polish, and a passionate believer in, well, just about everything, but most of all Annie and good old fashioned romance. The moment Fab sees Annie, he's wildly drawn to her and declares she must be his girl. Annie's horrified. She doesn't want to be anyone's anything, especially if it means losing her independence. But then Annie finds herself falling for Fab. As things go deeply wrong, Annie realises that love can make you do wild, crazy things, and so she sets out to win his heart with a romantic gesture of truly epic proportions!


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