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User agreement

Texts or other material that you have produced on this site may be used in Finnish libraries and library partners web services.

The text and material you produce on this site should be constructive by laws and good manners.

You hold the copyright to all texts and material you have produced on this site. Reviews, ratings and other material you have produced is stored in person, and you can delete or edit them if you wish. Your username appears with the reviews you have done. To present oneself with another persons name or username is prohibited.

The library is responsible for ensuring that the texts published in Finland are consistent with current legislation. The library has the right, without further justification to remove texts that violate the above mentioned legislation.

In addition the library and/or the service provider reserves the following rights in respect of the material produced:

  • The library has the right to shorten your texts without justification.
  •  Library and /or the service provider may if they see necessary to remove all the generated content (abuse, username removal, at the request of relatives or the like).
  • Texts or other material produced may be incorporated into the use of other systems for example during a software change using the same terms as mentioned here.


Last edited 3.10.2012